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Rabbi Dr. Joseph Breuer Foundation

Transmitting the Mesorah of the Hirschian Legacy

The Rabbi Dr. Joseph Breuer Foundation has been actively engaged in the publication of the works of Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch as well as his successor Rabbonim for almost 40 years. The continued worldwide interest in these timeless works reflects the importance and value of the Foundation’s efforts. These efforts have resulted in the dissemination of over 30 publications in English and Hebrew from the treasure trove of Hirschian works, including the Commentary to the Chumash (Hirsch Chumash) and The Collected Writings.
We are appealing to those who appreciate and understand the value of the Foundation’s work to spread the teachings of Rav Hirsch, with the goal of transmitting this Mesorah to the next generation. We would greatly appreciate your generous support to fund our holy work.

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